Hello to everyone,

Well its almost a week since our last charter ended. We have had some pretty wet and blustery weather. Tropical depression 15 came through moving very slowly and being upgraded to Tropical storm Ophelia. It is forecast to reach hurricane strength sometime tomorrow.

It is moving very slowly in a north easterly direction. Some of the forecast model show it doing a loop and coming back at the Bahamas in the next 3 or 4 days. Consequently we have been assisting the base move boats up to the hurricane hole.

We are trying to delay shifting Meltemia up there as long as possible as we have had to remove our genset last Monday as a result of a terminal back end. We are hoping to have it repaired and back in before going into hurricane mode, although I don’t like our chances.

Our last 2 charters were like chalk and cheese. The first of the 2 being an absolute shocker. A bunch of alcoholics. How is this for consumption. 4 people 4 days 2.5 litres Mt Gay, I litre Vodka. 1 litre Scotch, 18 bottles of wine, 1 champagne, 1 slab of beer countless cocktails (long island iced teas, Mai Tais). They were as bad a charter as we have had. Last night they all got drunk and argued amongst themselves, smashed glasses and were basically belligerent.

David and I hid in the saloon. After smashing the glass they bitched because we cleaned up the glass before we got them another drink!

The last charter was three brothers, they were great guys and we had a ball with them. Our plan to stay safe should a hurricane come through is make the boat as safe as we can in the hurricane hole and then

a) get a flight to Florida, failing that

b) book into a resort called Regattas.

It is on Abacos only hill built of brick and hopefully we can get an upstairs room. If anyone is interested this is the main web site we use for hurricane info. <a href=”http://www.nhc.noaa.gov”>http://www.nhc.noaa.gov</a>/

David & Melanie