Cooking and Mindset

Cooking and Mindset

What on earth has cooking got to do with mindset??

To cut a very long story short a number of years ago, more then I like to think about, David came home and told me about a guy and his girlfriend who had a job in the Caribbean. My instant reaction was lets go, lets do it.

It took some convincing to get David to agree, almost a year! You can read more about our  ‘On Tour’ adventures if you are interested.

We sold our house, packed up our lives, put all out possessions into storage and spent in the vicinity of a whooping $7000 on airfares. We also contacted all the charter companies we could locate in British Virgin Islands and were told “don’t bother coming there are no jobs available”. We weren’t  deterred in the slightest.

At this point we decided to find out what our ‘dream job’ actually involved. So we contacted  David’s work colleague and organised a dinner about 3 weeks before we were due to fly out of Australia. The conversation eventually turned to catering, David’s observation at this point was that I turned ghostly white….

You see I have done many many ocean miles and love sailing and well, assumed that the type of food that I would need to prepare would be not much different to what I am used to eating in yacht races or ocean deliveries. You now – baked beans on toast, toasted sangas, roll mops straight from the jar, two minute noodles and BBQs being a more sophisticated meal.


It is worth pointing out that at that time in our lives not only did David do about 90% of the cooking he also did about 90% shopping (still a task at home that I am not overly fond of).

It turns out that the ‘dream job’ is as much about the food as the sailing. You know, cooked breakfast, cooked lunch, hors dourves, cocktails, gourmet dinners and beautiful desserts every day of the charter! I confess I cried for about three days straight and at this point decided we weren’t going, poor David….

David was at the supermarket shopping, as usual, and just happened to find a good old women’s weekly Short Order cookbook. He purchased it and promptly came home and assured me that not even I could fail at these meals. It honestly changed my mindset, I decided on that day that even I could succeed at cooking (seems simple really). I wholly embraced the new challenge and found myself not just enjoying it but loving it.

The entire experience of shopping in remote areas of the Caribbean at local markets, with new foods and tastes become an overwhelmingly wonderful experience. On charters with more difficult guests I could become a recluse in the galley and indulge in creating all sorts of wonderful dishes. I even proudly had a food shot published with an article in the magazine Caribbean Travel and Life.

Sometimes when challenges are thrown oat you all it takes is a simple shift in thinking to allow you to achieve your goals.

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Featured top image and beautiful food shot were taken by Gary Bogdon