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On Tour 18 – A New Year

Hello to All, It has been a while. It seems to be getting longer between updates. Probably a reflection of Melanie and I becoming more apathetic about what we are doing. Since our last update we have had three charters one of which we are currently on and will finnish tomorrow. Christmas and New year. […]

On Tour 16 – America

Hello to all, It is about a month since our last update and again a fair bit has happened. Dad is recovering well from his 9 hour open heart surgery. Unfortunately the job on the Mary Jane stalled out as the boat got left in West Palm and was subsequently hammered in hurricane Wilma. The […]

On Tour 15 – One Month

Well a lot can happen in a month! In fact so much has been happening we have been putting of updating until we new the outcomes of some of the issues that were confronting us. Some of them are now resolved and some still up in the We had a trip to Florida and spent […]

On Tour 14 – A Holiday

Hi all, We are having a holiday, vacation for our American friends. Yep we are going to go to Florida for a few days. It will be the first time in seven months that we will have had a night of Meltemia and over eight months since having time of the islands. A big city, […]

On Tour 13 – Charters Go On

Hello to everyone, Well its almost a week since our last charter ended. We have had some pretty wet and blustery weather. Tropical depression 15 came through moving very slowly and being upgraded to Tropical storm Ophelia. It is forecast to reach hurricane strength sometime tomorrow. It is moving very slowly in a north easterly […]

On Tour 12 – Breakdowns

G’ day all, We are currently off charter, sitting in our favourite anchorage on a island called Man-o-War Cay. There is a narrow strip of land (about a boat length) separating the Sea of Abaco from the Atlantic Ocean and it is very picturesque. It is a overcast and thunder-stormy morning, which is a pleasant […]

On Tour 11- Simple Life

Hello to everybody in the real world. David: Since finishing our 28 day owner charter we have had 3 other charters. The cabin booking, Caribbean Travel and Life magazine doing a feature article on Moorings crewed charters as a family holiday and another group of 6. They all went ok with the magazine group being […]

On Tour 10 – Oops!

Oops, not for general reading, must have been pretty tired, after all it was 28 days without a day or or a meal of the boat. Contact us if you are interested. Exumas we some of the most stunning beaches and scenery we have even seen though!!!! 12►

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