On Tour 2

On Tour 2

I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been pretty tough here, this place is not particular geared towards the budget traveller. We are staying in Road town on the south side of the island, which is where all the charter companies are located unfortunately the beaches are the north side, consequently expensive to get to. So when we are not looking for work there is not a lot to do.

The best time to go out is between 5pmĀ  to 7pm everyday to the Village Cay Marina Bar, because the drinks are at happy hour prices making them just affordable, and on Fridays they also have free food. The Village Cay has turned out to be a sensational place to meet people. We meet a fabulous bloke named Jim who is going to let us stay at his house next week while he is out on charter work.

Sleeping at the salubrious Sea View hotel is proving to be a nightmare We have both resorted to earplugs but even the effect of them is wearing off. The small window in our very small room is right next to a very busy and noisy road that doesn’t seem to slow down all night with the Island hoons doing burnouts up the hill!!! So staying at Jim’s Harbor side condo is going to be a blessing.

We hired a car yesterday morning and monday afternoon which is the best thing we have done yet. This island has without any question some of the most spectacular and picturesque scenery I have ever scene. Every photo is like a postcard. There have only been cars on Tortola for about 25 years and it shows in the driving skills of the locals. The roadsĀ  are not much more than bitumen goat tracks, with the little 4wd we hired only just making it up them in 1st gear.

Well if hiring are car was good we had a better day out on the water yesterday. Alby while wearing a switch productions shirt and wandering the marinas met a full time underwater cinema photographer a Argentinean named Armando. He was going out to do a day’s filming on a local wreck and we were invited along. As I happened to have the long blonde hair I was invited to be a part of the film and got a free dive in the process. Alby got to go snorkeling. We then went to a little beach resort on another island – Copper Island to do some still photography.

Until next time.

David & Mel


We sold our house in Melbourne, Australia in November 2004 and left Australia for the British Virgin Islands in January with the hope of finding work in the crewed charter boat industry. After about 5 weeks of very persistent door knocking we secured a job on a 47 foot catamaran that worked in the Caribbean and The Bahamas for just over 13 months.

We have completed our contract and are about to set of to Europe for a 3 – 4 months in some sort of camper van. This site is an archive of the last 14 months and hopefully a journal for the next part of our journey.

You will find pictures, accounts of our work in the Caribbean and Bahamas, info on our travels, mpegs and podcasts.