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Instagram Limits

Instagram is another useful social tool to develop and engage your target audience, whether it be for a travel, blog small business or just personal use. To try reduce “spam” accounts Instagram has imposed a number of limits on how you can use the accounts. It is a good idea to be aware of them […]

Seal Rocks – Stunning, But…..

We have been wanting to stay at Seal Rocks for sometime now, it is 40 km or about a 40 minute drive from the main highway and it is an absolutely stunning location! Picturesque quaint small town which boasts a small general store and a camping ground that is part of the North Coast chain. […]

South West Rocks, Northern NSW

For the last few years we have headed to Scotts Head for a getaway from the cold Victorian winter. Normally we take a day trip to South West Rocks, but this year we decided to have a few nights there on the way home, we were not disappointed with our decision. A bigger, busier town […]

A Winter Getaway, Scotts Head NSW

When you live in Victoria, I think it is a great idea to head to a warmer climate even if only for a week or three! The last few years we have made the trek to Scotts Head in Northern NSW. Scotts Head is just south of Coffs Harbour and camping ground is part of […]

Discover Dargo & The Den Of Nargun in Victoria’s High Country

Dargo is one of Victoria’s most remote communities, nestled in the foothills of the legendary Dargo High Plains. The tiny town of Dargo, has a small population of only approximately 150, is an entry point for the Alpine National Park, Avon Wilderness Park and Mitchell River National Park. We have some delightful English Workaway girls […]

She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… Worth Dying for

Beautiful, moving video, stunning images and music She’s Alive She’s Home She’s Beautiful She’s Finite She’s Hurting She’s our Mother She Can Be Saved She’s Worth Defending Worth Dying For This is a non-commercial attempt from http://www.sanctuaryasia.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/sanctuaryasi…, to highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporates and mindless ‘consumers’ are combining to destroy life on earth. […]

Just another day at the office, Volvo Ocean Race

GREAT VIDEO! Having done a little bit of sailing over the years and also run a charter boat in the Bahamas and Caribbean, this little video certainly put a smile on my face, hope you enjoy it as well 🙂 Although what these men and women do is pretty extreme! An early morning cup of […]

Dining Out With A View!

Is food and travel your thing? Check out these amazing restaurants around the world. Which you you pick to dine at? My personal choice would be Le Panoramic in Chamonix, France  

Cooking and Mindset

What on earth has cooking got to do with mindset?? To cut a very long story short a number of years ago, more then I like to think about, David came home and told me about a guy and his girlfriend who had a job in the Caribbean. My instant reaction was lets go, lets […]

On Tour 29 – Greetings From Norway

Greetings from Norway. Yep we are currently at about 62 degrees North, somehow we got lost and mysteriously ended up in Norway, there is a lot to catch on so this may be a long one. To start back to one of our favorite countries – Switzerland. Canyoning, we weren’t really 100% sure what was […]

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